Once your schedule of games have been created in FIBA Organizer Online, all matches will be "visible for TEAM" by default, which will not push them to Genius Sports Datamanager and will not allow to generate match keys. In order to activate the games, follow the below steps. 

1. You can activate games one by one by or all at once, by selecting of the tick box marked in the screenshot. 

Note. This tick box will highlight only 1 page (20 games/per page). If you have more than 20 games, you will need to use button "Show all games" and select the tick box.

2. Select "Change visibility" and select "Visible for all". 

3. Once the changes have been made, this will be confirmed as displayed in the "Status" Column. 

Once the above steps have been followed, league manager will see the Match Key available to "Get", which means games are synchronized with Geniussports Datamanager and ready for scouting in FIBA Livestats.

Note. Normally Match Keys are generated in 5-30 minutes. If it doesn’t happen, please contact basketballsupport@geniussports.com

Statisticians can start games in FIBA Livestats with Match keys or via License codes.

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