To allow the Social Media Publishing Platform (SMPP) to publish to Facebook you will need to create an App, see below for the steps on how to do so.

NOTE - You must have a Facebook page in which you are an administrator (this is not your profile but a separate Facebook page)

1. Select the option "Click here to view or create your App" 

2. Select "Add a new App"

3. Name your "App" and provide a contact email. 

4. Select to set up "Facebook Login" and then select "Web" 

5. Under "Site URL" Enter the following URL. 


6. Select Settings on the left hand menu and then Basic. Then enter the following URL in the App Domains section. 


7. Select Facebook Login -> Settings and then enter the following URL under "Valid OAuth Redirect URLs" 


8.  Go back to "Settings" -> Basic. You will see the App ID and the App Secret. These should be entered where prompted on the home page (Image shown in step 1 & below) 

9. Enter App ID & App Secret as prompted. 

10. End of the workflow