1. Select Social Posts in the top bar Menu.

2. Select the competition in which you wish to configure the Social Post for. 

 3. Select "Live Match Social Post"

4. Enter the desired configuration & Set up for your social Post as well as where it will be posted (Facebook/Twitter). 

  • Post to Twitter = Select if you want this to be posted to twitter
  • Post To Facebook = Select if you want this to be posted to Facebook
  • Competition Name Display = Select which competition name you want to display (regular/international)
  • Team Name Display = Select how you want the team name to display (Name/nickname)
  • Team Code Display = Select how you want the team Code to display (Regular/international)
  • Display League Logo = Select to display league Logo
  • Post Text = Select the written comment that will appear in your post. 
  • Hashtag format = Select the format of the hashtag for your post (E.g. AUSvNZL) 
  • Language = Select the language your post will be in. 
  • Post Link = Enter the link here in which the post will link to (See above for linking to Genius Sports Webcast) 
  • Background Colour = Select the background colour (Not needed if background image used)
  • Text Colour - Select the colour of the text in your post
  • Background Image = Enter the URL of desired background image here.

5. Select update and view the preview of your "Live Match Social Post" 

6. End of the workflow