How to Add Referee to the Game

This article will describe how to add a referee to the game. This person can be:

  • new never added to FIBA Organizer (FO) before (follow to the steps from #1 to #5)
  • existent - referee from the previous season (follow to the steps from #4 to #5)

Creation of the new person in FO

1. In Fiba Organizer go to Competition->Personnel.

2. To create a new person click Add button. 

3. Add required information (name, surname, gender and role), click Save button.

Note. One person can perform 2 or more roles.

Adding referee(s) to the game

4. In FIBA Organizer select Competition->Competitions and click once to select the Group. In Edit group form select a game and click Edit button.

5. In Edit game form scroll down to Referees list and add one, two or three referees depending on the rules of your league - then click Save button.

Now referees are added to the game and this information will be pushed to FIBA Livestats automatically. 


Referees can also be imported using csv file. How to do it you can read in this support article: