LiveStats Version 7 - Pre-Game Webcast Connection Workflow

FIBA LiveStats Version 7 has been designed with an auto-connect feature meaning the Webcast for a game will automatically connect when the scheduled tip-off time is 30 minutes or less away. If a game is opened more than 30 minutes before tip-off time, FIBA LiveStats will display a countdown timer indicating the time remaining until the Webcast is due to connect (i.e. counting down until 30 minutes before the scheduled tip-off).

If for some reason the Webcast does not automatically connect when the countdown reaches 00:00 or the tip-off time is less than 30 minutes away, users can manually connect the Webcast instead by using the CONNECT NOW option. This can also be used during the game as a backup if needed.

Note. The Webcast should automatically reconnect following a disconnection, providing Internet connection is still available.