How to Set a New Active Season

1. In FIBA Organizer go to Competition->Seasons and sort season (descending) by Name.

2. In Seasons window select a season and click Edit button.

3. In Edit season window select/tick the boxes as needed:

a. Is current season (Mandatory): to ensure all the tools/features are shown correctly for this specific competition and season (players' pictures of the current season, teams' logos of the current season, competitions in License Manager, etc.).  

b. For enrollments: in case you use teams and/or players enrollment, you can choose which season will appear by default.

c. Admin active season (Recommended): when Admin opens FIBA Organizer, active/current season is first by default (easier to work as you don't have to use the scroll-down for search).

d. Active season for national teams: for any age National teams which play in FIBA tournaments. This is a Premium Service in FIBA Organizer available for some Federations which have access to this section.