1. Log in to http://license.geniussports.com/ with your username and password.

2. Select the Customer in which you wish to manage/modify, this will display the leagues associated with that customer.

3. Select the Header & Footer Images button.

4. Click Add an Image button.

5. In Header & Footer Image window type an Image Name (e.g. 2022 Men’s Competition Logo) and add the Image URL in the space provided. Select Add button.

Note. URL should link to the picture, but not to website where picture appears.

6. In order to add the image to a specific competition or all competitions now select Header & Footer Assignments button.

7. Select the Competition you wish to show the image on, select the image you wish to display and select the location (header or footer), then click Add button.

8. You can repeat the above steps to select images for multiple competitions, alternatively you can select All in Competitions to display the one image across all competitions.