Under the new license key system, statisticians will be able to access game data from specific leagues, competitions, clubs or teams. The level of access for statisticians is co ordinated by an assigned league official who will be given access to this through the licensing system. League officials can log in and create a new license key using the steps outlined below.

1. Log in and select the customer you wish to add a license to and click “Manage Licenses”

2. At the bottom of the page select “Add a License”

3. Fill out the relevant information

* We recommend naming the license something clear to its purpose so it is easily identifiable e.g. Club 15 Home License*

4. Based on the purpose of the license select its “Data Access”

*Data Access will restrict what the user of the license key is able to see - 

1. One Team will allow user to only see games for this team,

2. One venue will allow users to see only games at specified venue. 

3. If selecting use by one club, team, venue or competition you will be required to select the club, team, venue or competition the license is linked to*

5. To Modify the License Options click “Show/Hide Override License Default Configuration Options” this will allow you to set custom configurations for this license. (To Modify Default configuration see here Insert URL)

*We recommend modifying the default configurations to ensure there is consistency across the league - smaller changes can then be made to each license as needed*

6. When all information is correct select "Add License" to save the license.