LiveStats Version 7 - Predictive Workflows: Scoring Actions

In order to make the process of entering scoring actions more convenient for users, we have made some updates to this process/streamlined the sequence involved with entering these actions into the FIBA LiveStats (FLS) program. Below are the steps for recording scoring actions.

1. In FLS players are listed with their numbers along the top of the court. This is designed to make identifying players easier for statisticians during the game:

2. To enter a scoring action, statisticians must place the location of the shot on the court displayed in the middle of the screen. Once clicked, a marker will appear on the court to indicate the location and determine whether the shot is worth two or three points.

3. The program will then prompt you to select the outcome of the scoring attempt, for the team who recorded the action. This can be done using the Made or Missed buttons displayed on relevant side of the court:

4. Once the Made or Missed action has been selected, the statistician will be prompted to select the player who attempted the shot - when right side shot outcome button is selected, only right side players are active.

5. On the next screen, the program will then display various shot type options (all of them are defined by FIBA) for the player who was selected. The amount of available shot types depends on selected shot location: closer to basket - more options. From the same screen statisticians are also able to select whether the scoring action was a Fast Break point or not.

6. If the scoring action was assisted, statisticians should also select a player number for the assist (the shooter is inactive). Alternatively, No Assist can be awarded where this is the case.

For a missed shot the workflow is similar just instead of assist rebound options together with block and shot clock violation are provided.

Please check the video how to record scoring actions - made and missed shots.