New features/Improvements:

  • Added organization (e.g. federation) logo support in Client settings form 
  • Improved team contacts functionality: added possibility to set primary team contact 
  • Added Min/Max player age restrictions configuration in season 
  • Added leagues different names support in different seasons
  • Improved standings settings interface by adding default FIBA tiebreakers template (shortcut link “Reset to FIBA tiebreakers”)
  • Implemented team captain support in team rosters list and game box-score protocole
  • Implemented coach assistants support in game box-score protocol.
  • Added support of personnel roles of manager, secretary and president.
  • Improved standings points calculation process to support float numbers.
  • Improved email notifications template by adding “Send from ...” signature.
  • Updated leagues form: fields “Competition level” and “Age group” are now mandatory.

Fixed issues:

  • Fixed issue, which caused unsorted seasons list appears in “New season” form in National Teams module.
  • Fixed bug, which caused PayRef administrators received too many “Missing referee” report notifications by email.
  • Fixed bug, which caused that referees did not receive notifications by email from Referees Nominations module.
  • Fixed bug, which caused that it was not possible to delete unassigned teams.