v8.1.0 - December 21, 2016

New features/Improvements:

  • Added functionality, which allows to hide person's name in widgets.
  • Implemented National Team games box-score protocol import from FIBA LiveStats.
  • Implemented new tiebreaker defaults according to FIBA rules.
  • Implemented user friendly error message if game periods configuration is not set up correctly when uploading log file.
  • Implemented tool for game box-score statistics import from FIBA.com site for National Teams competitions.
  • Added additional standings configuration option, which allows to compare or ignore Technical Losses before applying tiebreakers for tied teams.
  • Made Release notes page available for each user.
  • Match keys will appear 7 days before game.
  • Added External id field to league edit form.
  • Added External id field to season edit form.
  • Added External id field to roster and team personnel forms.
  • Improved new user account creation form. Form allows to specify whether user account has no person assigned, new person should be created and assigned, or an existing person should be assigned to the user.
  • Developed API services to provide roster and team personnel information from FIBA Organizer.
  • Increased limits to access Google maps services, which solves display problem of distance between referee location and venue.
  • Added "Show in transfer list" checkbox in person’s form. It works in the same way as “Show in transfer list” checkbox in club personnel list.

Fixed issues:

  • Fixed bug, which caused players duplication when importing game box score.
  • Fixed bug, which caused game initialization failure due to non-unique game number in live data import.