Statisticians Network: App Support Chat

Once you have downloaded and signed into the SN Mobile App you will now have the option of requesting live chat support should you experience any issues before, during or after the game. All steps outlined below: 

1. Select a small round button on the top right corner.

2. Click Yes to proceed next.

3. Click OK.

4. Click small chat icon on the top right corner. 

5. When selected, this icon will give you the opportunity to contact our support team and request assistance. Our support team will be in contact asap to help you. In the meantime you can begin explaining the situation via Chat messages in the app.


When Genius Sports support team reviews your request, you will notice your messages are read and the message about the chat started appears.

This feature has been added to allow you to connect with us proactively when support is required during LiveStats operation, so that "live" issues can be resolved at the time when they occur.

Happy Scouting!