FIBA LiveStats v6 release notes

Version 6.9 (3rd November 2016)

New features/improvements:

  Improved webcast by adding webcast messages counter (Send/Received).


  Updated Fast action types list by adding options: "Dunk - Fast Break”, “Layup - Fast Break” and “Alley Oop - Fast Break”.


  Updated reports to represent correctly local and international player name on reports.


 Updated game number on the score sheet to display competition game number rather than Data Warehouse game ID.

 Improved Standard Box Score report “blocks” section by adding “Blocks received” statistics category.

 Improved player height formatting for TV Feed purposes.

 Improved print functionality by adding F11 key shortcut.

 Updated FIBA LiveStats License Agreement.

Fixed issues:

 Updated Start List Report to display player age (calculated from date of birth) and player height in a proper format.

 Fixed bug, which distorted application UI, when using customized magnification settings.

 Fixed bug, which distorted application UI, when using different windows size settings.

 Fixed bug, which caused all players in the substitution list become active after timeout.

 Fixed bug for creating empty shot action.

 Fixed technical foul for player action insert over Action List Wizard.

 Fixed bug, which causes error on Box Score report for with regions where "," instead of "." is used for decimal separator.

 Fixed issues with shot action without player number send to TV Feed.

 Improved missing messages to webcast handler.

 FIBA LiveStats Backup client UI and incorrect IP error message fixed.

 Fixed incomplete scoring action problem for TV Feed.

 Fixed incorrect produced data for EXP file format.

 Fixed UI issues for 1366x768 resolution.

   Fixed bug, which caused user mark shot out of bound of usable area