To make recording fouls simpler we have adjusted the sequence involved with entering fouls into the FIBA LiveStats program. Below are the new steps for recording player fouls. 

1. Statisticians will notice the changes to the interface with players listed with their numbers along the sides of the program. This is designed to make identifying players easier for statisticians during the course of the game. 

2. To enter player foul actions, statisticians must now place the location of the player foul on the court displayed in the middle of the screen. Once a foul location has been placed a red dot will appear on the court.


3. Statisticians will then need to select the foul button. They will then be prompted via a pop up to select the foul type. Including: Non Shooting, Shooting, Offensive, Disqualifying, Unsportsmanlike.

4. Once the foul type has been selected, the statistician will then be prompted to select the player for the personal foul.

5. The statistician will then be prompted to select the player who received the personal foul.

6. Statisticians will now notice that if no location is selected before pressing the foul button. The options will be limited to selecting a technical foul. Note. Technical fouls can be assigned to either players, coaches or teams by selecting either the player number or the team name.

 Video tutorial also available: