To make the scoring actions more convenient and simplify the sequence involved with entering actions into the FIBA LiveStats program we have made some updates to this process. Below is the new steps for recording scoring actions. 

1. statisticians will notice the changes to the interface with players listed with their numbers along the sides of their program. This is designed to make identifying players easier for statisticians during the course of the game. 

2. to enter a scoring game action, statisticians must place the location of the shot on the court displayed in the middle of the screen. Once a shot has been placed a red dot will appear on the court.

3. The system will then prompt you to select if the action entered was made or missed using the new buttons display on either side of the court. 

4. Once the made or missed action has been selected, the statistician will then be prompted to select the player who has taken the shot.

5. The system will then display a pop up option next to the player number who was selected, to record the scoring action as a fast break. Note. If the action requires an assist statisticians should also select a player number for the assist. 

6. Once the action sequence has been completed the recorded shot will appear as a yellow dot on the court to demonstrate a made shot action, if the dot appears red this signifies a missed shot action. 

These changes will ensure that actions are entered quickly and conveniently for statisticians.