Use this functionality only for the creation of the new team(s). If team has took part in the previous seasons, you do not need to create a new team, you can use an existent team's account.

1. In FIBA Organizer Online go to Competition->Teams and click Add button.

2. In Create a new team window enter team name, short name, nickname, 3 character code, select a city (mandatory fields are in red). Fill other information, if necessary and click Save button.

Note! If a team has its home arena, where all home games are played, we would suggest to add it in this form. In this case during the creation of the schedule "home arena" of this team will be added automatically.

3. In FIBA Organizer Online go to Competition->Competitions and in competition tree choose a season. 


4. In Edit season window choose Team tab and click Add button.

5. Type the beginning of a new team name in Search box, select this team and click Add button.

After new team is created and added to the competition, this team becomes editable under tab Teams for an adding of team's logo, its roster and personnel (for example, coaches). 

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