Score Query Button


Common situations when score query should be used:

1. When the score listed in FIBA LiveStats does not match the scoreboard at the venue. Statisticians should select the score query option.


2. When the referees are unable to confirm if a basket was a 3 point score or a 2 point score. Or if there is some uncertainty with any scoring action and needs to be confirmed by a referee. 


3. When there is a discrepancy between the score sheet and the FIBA LiveStats program.


4. If the statistician is unsure that the score listed in FLS is correct.

How to use score query feature:

Statisticians will now notice the Score Query button at the bottom of the quarter by quarter scores on the right hand side of the program window. Statisticians can now use this function to notify stakeholders that the current score being transmitted may not be correct.  


This does not necessarily mean that the score in FIBA LiveStats is incorrect, more so that the score is different to the score board, score sheet or score is under review.


Once statisticians have selected this option they will see the below window appear. Statisticians should then confirm that there may be an issues with the score. 


Once this has been confirmed statisticians will notice that the score query button will flash red and now read score uncertain. This will occur until the query is resolved. (screenshot below) 


If statisticians are able to confirm that the score is correct, they should again click on the flashing score uncertain button and the below window will appear. Statisticians can then select to confirm the score as correct (screenshot below). 


If statisticians are unable to correct the score prior to the quarter end, they can review their action list to find where the "Score query" action occurred.  The below window will appear where the score query button was clicked. Statisticians are then able to review and update or confirm if the score is correct.


If edits are required, these should be completed as normal to, ensure the score is correct. Once these edits have been made statisticians will be prompted to confirm whether that the score is correct, statisticians should then click “yes” and continue with the quarter score confirmation process as normal. Once completed the score query button should no longer be flashing red to start the next quarter. 


For information on correct procedure when editing actions between quarters before confirming, please review the following article.


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