"We have identified a bug in the warehouse software where the following calls

  • GET TeamCompetitionStatistics List
  • GET PlayerCompetitionStatistics List
  • GET PlayerCareerStatistics List

were not behaving as documented. The documentation states that for the following filters

  • homeAway
  • winLoss
  • inConfererence
  • matchType

that if not specified in the call they would default to the value of ALL. This was not occurring, resulting in a number of additional records being returned. The change being deployed corrects this issue and will correctly default those values to 'ALL'.

Customer Impact
If you are using the affected API calls as documented then you should not need to do anything. If you were using the previous incorrect behaviour as a way to gather statistics of every variation then you will need to adjust your application. In most cases the default behaviour is what is needed by customers. The filters should only be required if you are wanting to show/compare statistics bases on win/loss, home/away, match types etc."