The API Feed integrates with our Statistics Engine and allows you to extract league/club data via API key for use with external solutions such as websites, TV graphics and mobile apps.

One of the key features of our API Feed is that it not only provides you with access to league/club data of interest but also the ability to custom design/build widgets to display this data. 


API to query information regarding matches, players, statistics etc. both past and future.

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Base URL Production:

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Genius Sports offers two solutions for TV partners:


Streaming API (Live Stream API Service)

Data is streamed from cloud service accessible from anywhere in the world. A streaming near/real-time API provides event by event data as well as aggregated statistics for matches in progress.

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FAQs - Useful article on best practices of consuming Livestream API

Livestream URL Production:

Livestream URL Test:

Note. It works with HTTP protocol only.

Broadcast Feed (In-Arena or TV feed)

Data (mostly used in live game broadcasting) is streamed directly from FIBA Live Stats application (live match information) accessible from arena.

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In addition, we would kindly advise you to follow the instructions and make the developments accordingly:

  • For REST API:
    • you need to create Middleware and store all data on your server
    • you need to call API from your backend and cache data on your side for a certain period of time. If you don't cache, you will quickly run out of your quota
  • For Livestream API:
    • you need to make a single connection from your backend, store data there and then distribute it to end users.

If you are interested in learning more about this product (e.g. pricing) please submit a request.