In LiveStats V6 the process for end of period score confirmation remains almost exactly the same however the design has slightly changed. It is important that users are aware of these changes and ensure correct procedure is followed at all times.

At the end of each period you will now be prompted by the system to confirm the end of period score via a flashing prompt at the top and in the middle of the screen:

Once the score confirmation appears you should:

  1. Print the box score
  2. Check the game score is correct as per the score bench and score board
  3. Make any required edits to the score
  4. Confirm the period score
  5. Make additional edits to non scoring related actions

Users must select the “Confirm Period Score” option at the top of the screen. Once this has been selected, a pop-up window will appear where edits can be made, reports printed and the period score confirmed. There is also now an option to "confirm later" if you need to return to the game screen for any reason.

At this stage users must ensure they complete any score related action edits (including delete and inserts) before confirming the score. This is crucial so that fans tracking the Webcast are provided with accurate quarter by quarter scores.

Other non-scoring edits can be completed afterwards but ideally this will not be necessary as confirmation should indicate that no further edits are required.

Once satisfied the score is accurate and "Confirm Score" has been selected via the option below, users can proceed to the next phase by selecting "Next Period"

This feature aims to provide users with an opportunity to check their scores and edit any actions that require changes before moving to the next period or match phase. This is particularly useful in instances where the scores are close or tied at the end of the 4th (with potential for overtime) and when last second shots are made.